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until we find a better way to welcome the striving hopeful immigrants who still see america as a land of opportunity. >> good saturday afternoon to you, i'm craig melvin, when will the journey begin? we will talk to the democrat democratic freshman class. what is coming of the gop? some are calling for a make over and a self described former nra partisan, on what it will take to put a stop to the gun violence, that has killed more than 2 million people since newtown. thousands from all over the country gathered, including 100 people from newtown, connecticut, all of them rallied on the national mall, calling for action. a leading liberal voice in the
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senate will be retiring in 2014. tom harkin said today, quote, it's just time to step aside. he came to washington in 1994 and was a key backer of the 2010 health care bill and congressman paul ryan today spelling out what he learned from the re-election. the re-election of president obama, he is speaking at the national review summit and talking about his experience as a vice presidential candidate, he said moving forward the gop has to layout their vision with more specifics and with a broader appeal. meanwhile, this coming week the president will be unveiling the next step in his second term agenda. immigration. he is going to announce his plan to overhaul immigration. joining me now from the white house, kristen, the white house said friday that the president will be doubling down on policies that he has supported in the past. does that mean we probably won't
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hear anything new tuesday? >> well, we could hear some new proposes as well, craig, but i think that much of what he is going to unveil will be rooted in some of the policies that he is mapping out in the past. of course, this is an issue that president obama has been talking about since 2008, he said that it's one of his great regret that's has not gotten comprehensive immigration reform done. you will see him pushing to get it done in the second is term. in terms of what he has talked about in the past, he has talked about the need to improve security at the border and he talked about the need to hold businesses accountable. those that hire undocumented workers as well as making america sort of more inviting to those who study here, making it a better place for them to get their degrees, and stay here once undocumented people do get their degrees, and then of course the more controversial point of a path to citizenship. he has argued for this.
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a lot of republicans disagree, they do not think there should be a path to citizenship. this has been a sticking point in the past t conventional wisdom is that there's an appetite to get something done not just to part of the president but on the part of republicans, in large parted, craig, if you look at the 2012 election results, republicans really didn't get a lot of latino voters. take a look at president obama versus mitt romney. mitt romn-- mitt romney got 27% voters and president obama 77%. the folks in the republican party will say they need to work on this issue moving forward. craig? >> kristen welker, thank you. >> thanks. >> good saturday afternoon to you sir in. >> thank you, craig, thank you for having me. >> how hopeful are you this time that washington gets a
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comprehensive immigration bill done? >> well, i'm very hopeful. i think there's a lot of momentum as has been mentioned by both the republican and the democratic parties, talking about this issue seriously, seeming to negotiate on it in earnest and so, i think we will get it done in 2013. >> house speaker john boehner said the deal is practically done. is that what you hear? >> i know there's been serious negotiation on our side in the house and in the senate. and usually it's tough to get to that point, so the fact that we have gotten there is a good sign. >> the path to citizenship seems to be the sticking point for a lot of lawmakers stil lawmaker. if there's a path to citizenship does there have to be a penalty for the 11 million or so folks that are here illegally? >> for some, i think that is fair. but for the dreamers, who are
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here as kids. they are blameless, i do not think a fine is appropriate. but for some who clearly broke the law, i think it is. i think that we will see some kind of agreement that is maybe not the perfect agreement for either party but works for the country. >> timeline, are we looking late spring? late summer? >> i think so. you know, as you all know, it's been slow going in the congress right now. i think things will pick up in the later spring and get heavy in the summer. >> senator marco rubio getting ready to join the bipartisan group working immigration reform. do you think a high profile latino like rubio can push it past the finish line? >> i think he can help, particularly with many republicans who have been unwilling to move on this issue. so, to the extent that his voice
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can lend support and move the ball forward, i think that is only be a good thing. >> before i let you get out of here, we should note you are the president of the freshman class of house democrats. first of all, do you run for that? or is that one of those jobs that no one kind of wants and they say, seems like a nice guy, give it to him. >> it's me and a few people, we are share responsibilities. >> how is it going so far? >> going well, it's a great group of democrats, we have 49 democratic freshman folk have come to washington to get things done and we are working on those things now. >> and how is your twin brother? how is the mayor? >> my brother is doing well. you know, happy to be mayor of san antonio, just announced his re-election campaign, so he is doing very well. >> okay, congressman castro, good to see you, congratulations to you and do come back once we know more about the immigration reform that will be introduced. >> sure, any time. >> after stinging losses in
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2012. republicans are plotting the comeback plan. >> we have to stay united. we have to show that if given the chance, we can govern. that we have better ideas. >> we have got to stop being the stupid party. we can stand by our timeless principals and articulate them in ways that are modern and that i believe is how we will achieve republican renewal. >> joined now by nrc deputy communications director tim miller. good to see you on this saturday. one way that your boss said that the republicans can make gains is by waging a permanent campaign. can't voters get sick of that fast? >> what we have to do is compete with what obama and the democrats are doing. if you look back at the election, president obama began running as soon as he was elected in 2008. and mitt romney's campaign was
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six months long. from getting into communities and organizing and listening to voters and hearing their concerns, the obama campaign had more time and allowed them to do a better job. so, going forward that is something that we need to do and make sure that we are living in communities and talking about the republican party and the brand. not just in the two months before an election but all of the time. >> tim, here is the thing, that is strategy talk and we have heard talk about messaging as well. but what about the messengers. what about the actually people who are going to be putting out the beliefs of the republican party? has there been talk about changing those? >> the republicans have a deep bench, look at marco ruio, bobby jindal. we have a lot of young leaders that have been successful on the state level and we need to look to the states and learn from them.
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we have 30 republican governors if we won the electoral vote in all 30 states we would have won by a land slide that, is because these governors are putting forward reform policies. things that voters are seeing helping them in their states we need to translate it to the national level so we can be successful in presidential elections in 2016. >> let's talk about the charlotte meeting that you attended. there was a talk about strategy, has there been talk about limiting the calendar as well. and limiting the number of gop presidential debates? >> there has been talk about that. we have a number of republicans, some grassroots leaders and leaders in washington who are looking at all of the lessons from this past election to see what we can learn. you know, i think one of the
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things you can look at is we had a whole lot of debates last time, 21 of them in the presidential campaign. >> they did make for great television, tim. >> it was great television and you do not want to minimize them too much, you want the voters to hear from the candidates, but maybe we can find a way to structure it better so it's better for the candidates and voters and everybody. instead of getting into this free for all that we saw this past time. so that is one idea and we will look at a whole bunch of other guys as we move forward. >> i want to call your attention to one more thing before you go. this new website, grassroots ideas about how to fix the party's image, folks can go to the website and take a survey. there's a video there. what has been the response to the survey so far? >> we had a great response, we sent it out on thursday, as of yesterday, we had over 25,000 people throughout the country who have gone to the website,, filled out the survey.
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for the growth and opportunity project, so we can hear from folks. a lot of times, political consultants like me, spend too much time listening to folks in washington and not listening to the folks in the country. and hearing from them and getting from them what the republican party can do to be more successful. that is what the survey process will do. >> tim miller, the rnc, thank you, and appreciate your time on this saturday, sir. >> thank you. any time. >> semiautomatic weapons in the hands of civilians, has it always been this way? we will talk but the premise of civilians having these weapons. and the march to fight abortion rights. 40 years later, how far has the effort to overturn roev wade
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>> because this movement, is not a bunch of moralizers standing on their mountain top, preaching what is right. it is a bunch of people that every day go out and open up their arms and stand in front of abortion clinics in the cold, who go to crisis pregnancy centers every day and reach out their hands in love. >> that was former presidential candidate rick santorum, speaking at the march for life in washington. anti-abortion activists marched down washington avenue, for their annual march. this falls just 40 days after
1:18 pm
the anniversary of the ruling to legalize abortion, roe v. wade, and we should note here, that your perspective is unique, it's a personal perspective on the abortion debate. your mother was raped, chose to carry you to term, you were adopted by the family that raised you. yesterday, we heard at the pro-life march that the movement itself, the pro-life movements that become the new normal. explain it for me, sir. >> people see it as the human rights issue of the day. when you talk about injustice. you have people ready to fight this issue. you have hundreds of thousands yesterday that showed up nlt freezing cold and showing that they are passioned about the issue and the dignity of all human life. let's talk about that, there's a
1:19 pm
new "wall street journal" poll that came out and it shows that 70%, 70% of those polled now say that they have supported roe v. wade and that it should not be overturned and more than 50% support legal abortion. doesn't it seem to be leaning pro choice? >> and 40% of those polled have no idea what roe v. wade was. so i'm not sure how much you know, reliability we could put in a poll like that because of the inaccuracy, what we have seen from gallup for instance is the same trend, you do have the majority of americans who are pro-life, who want to see pro-life protections in places. perhaps not against all cases. like mine, you know, born as a result of rape. but, i think gallup poll is more
1:20 pm
reflective of the american public. >> so you do not -- you are seeing the shift of sentiment in the country. let me ask you about the group made up of catholic clergy. they are called faith in public life. they are urging so-called pro-life politicians to support the recent push in favor of gun control, sent out a statement saying the defbs of human digity extends yonds protecting life in the womb, the gun violence demeans human life tears communities apart. there's a one-million mom march, do you agree that these groups have a obligation to support gun control. >> it's not just about the issue of protecting the life of the unborn or the innocent child when you look at the issue. if we are supposed to address every single issue that can be
1:21 pm
tied to the life issue, you look at the issue of slavery, we never would have abolished slavery if we had to worry about jobs and all those things, we were worried about tin justice of slavery and there was a laser focus on the injustice of slazry, so some of the discussions are really distractions because the injustice of abortion is worthy enough of a lot of focus and a lot of pash. >> are you saying that the gun control debate is a lot of distraction? >> i don't think the two are comparable. when you are talking about innocent life in the womb, if we are not willing to protect the life in the womb, it devalues life after it cocoming into thed . it's not same thing. one of the reason we launched toomanyabort
1:22 pm is because of the amount of black baby aborted. >> you questioned our numbers earlier. i have not seen that poll. before i let you go, i want ask you one more thing, the bill under consideration in new mexico that criminalizes abortions after rape is considered tamperring with evidence. are some states taking the fight too far? >> the issue is you had katharine brown who wanted to protect women who are often forced into abortions by rapists and that is part of the discussion that we never had. how do we punish the rapists and how do we stop them from forcing the women -- >> that is sent to -- >> it was reworded to protect women. it says that the mother of the child will never be pros cuted. the issue here is that we talk about protecting women and any measure that is ever put
1:23 pm
forward, it's always fought against by the pro-abortion lobby. they do not want to protect women and children. case after case, in philadelphia, an aabortionist, delivering the babies alive and snipping their necks. these do not help to inform the public what is going on. >> right, march for life, ryan, thank you so much, we are out of time. thank you spending so much of your time with us on this saturday though. >> thank you. >> up next a congressman that made a bold bet against the marijuana vote in one state has had a big change of heart. we have the scoop on which former commander and chief will be joining the washington nationals, popular president's race at its home ball games, not everyone is happy about this addition, we should note. [ kimi ] atti and i had always called oregon home. until i got a job in the big apple.
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>> well, so much for calling him toeking tom tancredo, he wagered a documentary film maker that he would light up if colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana. and he said that he would honor the bet, and then sent out an e-mail saying quote, i'm concerned that the publicity may cause my grandkids to have to justify my actions to their peers and worried that no matter how many times i am saying i do not condone the use of marijuana that message will not get through. a new 25 page essay, king that says he owns three handguns himself is calling on gun owners to support a ban on assault weapons and new gun proposals as well. writing quote, how paranoid do
1:28 pm
you want to be? how many guns does it take to make you feel safe? and how do you keep them loaded and close at hand and keep them out of the reach of your children's reach or grandchildren? the clintons are looking for ocean front property in long island, and there's been speculation that newt gingrich could be making a run for the senate seat that is vacant next year, but he said that he know interest in running and will support the candidate backed by georgia republicans. and speaking of running, a new entry in the race of presidents at washington nationals games this season. there had been running presidents over the past eight years. teddy roosevelt won the first race last season. today, the team officially named a fifth president to run. william howard taft. the 27th president started the tradition of first pitches and
1:29 pm
he started that seventh inning stretch. he now has his own twitter handle. president taft, by the way, we should note weighed in at 335 pounds during his first term in office. he tweeted. listen up, we have run against each other in the past, but now we will run together. and not suspected to be the fleetest of foot when it comes to the races. a lot of folks are wondering why mess with a good thing, period, washington nationals. the republican party looking for ideas on how to change their ways. the brain trust coming up. they have some to add to the comment box and he was an nra card carrying gun enthusiast and now he is a big advocate for gun control, the author of a new book of how the gun culture has gone overboard. you are watching msnbc. the capital one cash rewards card
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>> got developing news in new york city, former mayor, ed coch back home after a week long stay in the hospital. he was betreated for fluids in his lungs and swollen ankles, he is delighted to go home and expects to be back in his office next week. here is a quick look at the other stories making news right now, a suicide bomber killed 5 people in afghanistan. another 21 were injured, many of them civilians. for those of you who hate the cold, there's very little relief in sight, folks, more frigid temperatures in the forecast for the coming week, meteorologists are predicting freezing rain, snow and sleet. and if you are planning on hosting a super bowl party this
1:34 pm
year, you better budget for more. a week before the big game, the u.s. department of agriculture saying that last summer's drought and a rise in the cost of chicken feed have caused the rice in the cost of chicken wings and the industry is saying fear not, plenty to go around. americans will eat 1.2 billion wings next weekend. esther and amy will eat 40 of those. with gun control in congress, the first hearing is going to be held this week. the testimony from mark kelly, whose wife, gaby giffords was shot will be heard. and joining me is the author of
1:35 pm
"the last begun." you were a member of the nra, and the president calls his proposals common sense and critics say it's not going to do a lot to prevent mass shootings and would not have helped in new town, connecticut, if you had the ear of congress, which of the president's recommendations would you tell them to take up first? >> there are three things i would tell them to take up first. but the most important is to ban the high capacity magazines, they are ammunition feeding devices to make it possible to bring military fire power our schools and public gatherings and our churches. that's the most important thing. cut back on the ammunition capacity then go to the complete background check, meaning covering gun shows and private sales between individuals that account for 40% of all firearm sales in the united states and finally i would ban the high capacity semiautomatic rifles themselves. >> critics of the proposal of assault weapon's bans argued
1:36 pm
that the ban that you mentioned did little to stop violence. that it had too many loopholes what say you to do that. >> say to that it was poorly drafted. it was just a political compromise, it took the gun industry about a a half an hour to get around it. but the feinstein bill cover it. >> wayne lapierre, scheduled to testify as know exmember of the nra this week. do you think the gun lobby has damaged its brands with the reaction to the shooting in new town? >> absolutely. it's not the nra that i belonged to and not of the membership that they have now 75% of nra
1:37 pm
members say they agree. 75% of them agree with most of the proposals. particularly the background check. >> what is the gap? what does it exist between the membership and the organization? >> one, it's a sweet deal for the people that run the nra, they get paid big salaries and they ha they have been taking over the arm of the gwynn. industry. it's -- the gun industry. it's a mouth piece for the gun industry. >> the book is called "the last gun." appreciate your time, thank you. >> thank you. >> let's continue the discussion on gun violence. the brain trust is here. bob franken down in d.c., hey there bob. and anchor of "real news" at the blade, and former speech writer,
1:38 pm
bill frisk and and amy holms is here. >> i am flattered. >> t >> vice president biden in richmond, virginia on friday focused on background checks and vice president did not mention the ban on assault weapons. do you think that the ban iwas offered up as sacrafical lamb? >> no. the point is common sense gun safety legislation. that so many millions americans support at this time. and so, you have definitely had a change from where we were five, ten, 15 years ago. so, at this point, the nra, even
1:39 pm
the nra leadership is out of step with its own leadership and out of step with the majority of americans and there was a difference, i think it's important to say, there's a dichbs between the protection of rights and the protection of profits. nra leadership is trying to protect the profits not the rights of the leadership. >> if you notice, there's overwhelming support among americans for background checks. we have them as a matter of fact. but getting back to the assault weapons ban, it's significant that joe biden did not mention that. as senator majority lead harry reid said does not support a assault weapon's ban. one of the republicans voted against renewing the assault weapon's ban. i think the democrats are understanding that it's a political dynamite for them if they push hard on it. >> they know it's not going to happen. >> exactly.
1:40 pm
>> quickly, bob, one of the things that continues to strike me, ever since towne, we have been talking about guns for several weeks and i don't know if a lot of folks appreciate the gap that exists between, i hate to say blue and red state america, but urban and rural areas of the country. i don't know if a lot of folks fully understand that if new york city, and philadelphia and chicago what folks in south carolina and in georgia and north carolina think when you start talking about gun laws and changing the gun laws. >> i think that is exactly the point and i think we get kind of insulated in our liberal areas so to speaks in the washingtons and new yorks of the world. out there in the rest of the united states, there's a different view of that and as a matter of fact, i don't think that a poll can really capture the feelings that are effective in politics. that the to say, that the various members of congress in the states that, the west
1:41 pm
virginia, virginia, nevada wherever you go, i think that the poll may reflect that the majority of americans do not in fact want to step in the way of some gun control problems. but, i any when you get out there in the red states, as you point out, it's a different matter, and i think when it gets to congress, that will stymie many of the reforms that are predicted. >> no less than former president bill clinton addressed this last weekend in a gathering of obama donors saying that folks in red states have a different attitude toward this. he thinks that democrats that have that constituent base will be in trouble. and president clinton pointed out that the intensity gun rights owners and second amendment advocates is higher than among gun control advocates. >> the other point though is that we can acknowledge the people have different relationships with guns while they are still pushing for gun safety legislation. there's a movement that is
1:42 pm
around gun safety, specifically a as a result of the reaction to newtown and the question is how do you manage the different relationships so that in the end we have different legislation. >> i like what you did there with the guns. relationships with guns. >> people do have relationships with guns. >> people love their guns. >> stay there, quickly. coming up, we will take a quick break. president obama taking a big hit from a federal appeals the court ruling that some of his appointments unconstitutional. what does it mean for the future? not just for this president but future presidents as well. the brain trust, they have big brains, when we come back they will pick it up. ade it. we all work remotely so this is a big deal, our first full team gathering! i wanted to call on a few people. ashley, ashley marshall... here. since we're often all on the move, ashley suggested we use fedex office to hold packages for us. great job. [ applause ] thank you. and on a protocol note, i'd like to talk to tim hill about his tendency to use all caps in emails.
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so grab yourself some new prilosec otc wildberry. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. >> ruling by a federal appeals court friday could throw into question the long standing practice of presidential
1:46 pm
reapoints. three appointments are consider canned unconstitutional. let's bring in the brain trust. bob, we will start with you in d.c., the president claims that recess points are needed to get officials in place when congress is slow to approve nominees which they have been for past few years. how big is it of a victory for those that are critics of the president? >> it's a big victory. the federal judges hate to point out who appointed them. oh, well, i'm probably in trouble with at least three federal judges. this whole manipulation of the recess appointments has gotten cheesy over several administrations and we should point out it's not something unique to this administration. during the bush administration, there was complaints that the
1:47 pm
democrats were playing the same silly games in blocking all the nominations that the president put up there. as a mat of fact, i was reading an analysis by a constitution law professor who was a republican and he is complaining about the democrats. this is something that we need to take care of because the president gets stymied in putting his people in place. >> does the ruling limit the power of the president to make the appointments or will the white house figure out a work around? >> well, i mean there's no question they are in trouble. i mean, they are appealing, it's going to be supreme court and the problem is when you think about the appointments that the president has made, you are looking at another assault against labor and the unions. and historically, the white house press secretary said, this really turned over 150 years of constitutional law. this particular ruling. but the trouble is they have been politicing on both sides in
1:48 pm
playing with the recess issue, and it became such a partisan political issue. when you stymie the president to this degree, it's us that suffer. >> the new york times has an interesting take on this, and i want to put up the quote that i read this morning, it talks about the reasons behind the ruling. it would eliminate the power for all future presidents in a time when it has become increasingly difficult to win senate conformation for nominees, does it unfairly tilt the balance now between the legislative branch and the executive branch? >> it's the opposite. the president was trying to make swiss cheese of the constitution and the separation of powers. what was unique here, is he the first president to do that? >> he told the senate, you are in session and you say you are not. i will dictate the rules and remember, these three board members were nominating. he appointed them in recess, and
1:49 pm
by the over reach, what he ended up doing was getting himself smacked down further than even a lot of the critics of the president thought this federal court of appeals would go. they are saying that the president could now only make appointments during inter-session and only if that vacancy comes up during inter-session, it was a sweeping decision. i read it and it was jaw-dropping. >> you mentioned something, i want to put it on the screen, recess appointments, president obama, 32, and president clinton, 139. president bush, that is the wrong picture, we should note here obviously. president george w. bush at 171, we do not have numbers on h.w.bush. what amy noted, the way that the president handled these particular appointments was a
1:50 pm
bit unprecedented. is it reasonable to suspect that this is not going to be the end of this the white house will not say, you have us, we will change our ways? >> sure, we need to balance what she was saying by suggesting that maybe the senate has been overreaching a little bit. if you go back and read the explanation, the federalist papers, it is the president who is supposed on object the controlling factor who is appointed in his administration. they are not to block the appointments through ideological reasons. >> this federal appeals court says that the senate has the privilege to advise and consent. i used to work for the senate
1:51 pm
majority leader i remember when the shoe was on the other foot. and senate democrats were blocking it, the federal appeals court said that the white house cannot look at the senate floor and say, we do not see business going on here and we will claim that you are in recess and make an appointment. that is what this white house was doing. >> maybe what we need to do is return to what was the intention of the founding fathers. >> before we go to break quickly. >> it's two things, we cannot pretend that the senate was not playing politics, that is why he was in the position in the first place. it's been a partisan political game that has been played. in the absence of the senate doing real work, which even they acknowledges that not what was happening. >> but the white house cannot dictate to the senate when they think they are in or out of session. >> president cannot hold them hostage either. >> to me, at least, i did not read the entire opinion, i read a chunk of it.
1:52 pm
it seems that a love it is the result of years and years of grid lock between the executive branch and legislative branch and they are both being punished. again, i think a year or two from now, we will be having a similar conversation. this will not be the end of this. the judicial branch will continue to have a say. that is it. when we come back, brain trust will tell us how they would change the gop if they could. the rnc chairman asked for ideas and told people to go to the website and 25,000 people have done that. we will share some of the ideas. don't go away. osa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix.
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1:55 pm
>> all right, brain trust is back, earlier we talked about the rnc's new website, looking for ideas on how to grow the party, for the three of you, what ypds do you put in the suggestion box?
1:56 pm
>> abandon being a hypocrite. you cannot be involved in redistricting, that peels back years of fights for voting rights. and the republicans refuse to engage with elements of the electorate, and thousand they pretend to want ideas but they are abandoning the process. >> bob, what is your suggestion? >> first of all, i did fill that out, it was the only way that i could read it, however republicans identified himself as homer simpson. so, please ignore the homer simpson entry. i have the to steal the idea from bobby jindal told them they should stop being stupid. >> if you are listening, field the home team. get the new talent. mia love, she loft her congressional election this
1:57 pm
fall. i liked seeing the republican convention how they highlighted, governors, sand sand and bobby jindal. >> don't they just trout out the brown people? >> they are legitimate governors of major cities. >> but it seems kind of suspicious -- >> i would tell the republicans in washington, d.c., to listen to the republicans that are outside of the beltway for these good ideas. >> we will leave it there, it was so good having you all here. bob, a pleasure, we will need to get you to new york. >> my brain feels bigger. >> that is it, that's the show for now. jo join me here tomorrow at 3:00 eastern. we will talk about the assault weapons ban. and the immigration reform than
1:58 pm
the president is planning to unveil, i will be joined by kiki mclean and talking about the secretary of state's steps out of the office. until then, keep it here on msnbc for the latest news updates throughout the evening and have yourselves a fantastic saturday night. [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watching. introducing the 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. [ male announcer ] zzzquil sleep-aid. [ snoring ] [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] it's not for colds. it's not for pain. it's just for sleep. [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] because sleep is a beautiful thing. [ birds chirping ] zzzquil -- the non-habit forming sleep-aid from the makers of nyquil.
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